June 6th 2012

Mystery Grid I

- in which one gets no hints as to the theme and the answers


Each of the sixteen tiles in this grid represents half the name of an "and the" pair (For example: Sex and the City). Once you've deciphered the half shown, input the missing half into the respective field and press enter to submit. You can click on a tile to enlarge it. Click it again to return to the full grid view.


 Tile 1:  
 Tile 2:  
 Tile 3:  
 Tile 4:  
 Tile 5:  
 Tile 6:  
 Tile 7:  
 Tile 8:  
 Tile 9:  
 Tile 10:
 Tile 11:
 Tile 12:
 Tile 13:
 Tile 14:
 Tile 15:
 Tile 16:
Puzzle Grid

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