June 4th 2012

Narya, Nenya and Vilya

- in which one cannot help one's elf...


I apologize, but you're probably going to need to grab a pencil and paper for this one. I'm sure this is an entirely programmable concept, but, to this date, I lack the ability to code interactable segments that aren't square or rectangular. Perhaps I'll revisit this one in the future, but for now I beg your pardon.

When any three rings are overlapped, as in the figure to the left, they have the power to contain seven consecutive numbers in the resulting segments.

These rings, however, have been specially forged to contain the numbers 1-7 in such a way that the numbers within each whole ring add up to the same number. In the example to the left you can see that the total for each ring is 13.

Using the numbers 1-7 can you distribute them so that the total for each ring is 18? I found three unique solutions and am confident there are no others. Prove me mistaken! Click the 'Reveal Answers' button to see my solutions but check out the journal to see my logic and solution process.

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