February 13th 2012

The Exception

- in which a gag is allowed to run, just this once


Contrary to the claims found within, the following passage contains 20 shameful references to the musical phenomenon that is Kool & the Gang. Find as many as you can and expose me for the filthy liar that I am.

As you may have noticed, the name of the site refers to the super band, 'Kool and the Gang.' I just wanted to show Kool love but go straight ahead and say that I'm not trying to piggy-back off of their fame. The band put in some serious sweat equity to go from rags to riches and I would never disrespect their acheivement. As one might think, I am merely using the band's name to allude to the fact that this site will be producing some fresh, funky stuff. The terminal twist and the logo suggest that things may also be of a cerebral nature - no promises.

Title reference aside, you won't find me littering the site with tawdry jokes such as "Celebrate good rhymes, come on" and abusing their spirit of the boogie. I don't think myself on a higher plane but I do find such a cheap attempt at humour to be beneath me and I'm not willing to get down on it. That said, readers, you would be entirely misled if you thought I was not interested in big fun. In fact, I cherish rhyme tyme, people. Expect lots and lots of puns.

While I do think the very best of Kool and the Gang, I am hoping that this venture proves to be twice as kool. Rest assured if I was going to use the group in some two bit gag, I would do so in a special way and not just spin their top hits.

Arbitrary Assessment Scale

0-5 broken promises = You're way too trusting. 6-10 broken promises = A fair amount of skepticism is good.
11-15 broken promises = Have we dated? 16-20 broken promises = See you at the concert, mom.

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