July 3rd 2012


- in which wirds of a feather flock togeather


Hiatus. It's a dirty word but it needs to be said. Now, am I referring to the three weeks that just passed without an update or am I referring to the future? Good question.

I am sorry for the dry spell in recent past. The initial reason was to make time to prepare for a job interview. This venture turned out to prove incredibly productive and I was offered a postdoctoral position in a lab. In my post-success elation I turned to celebration and preparation for the position and that is why there has been a dearth of material.

So what does that mean for Kool and the Ganglia? Unfortunately, it means the end of thrice weekly updates. It does not mean an end to puzzles entries, entirely. It does mean that I will be spending less time trying to monetize the site and more time enjoying puzzlesmithing and giving the people free, enjoyable material. I'll also take advantage of the lack of deadlines to work harder on improving/adding other features to the website.

Again, sorry for the unexplained hiatus and thanks for staying tuned.

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