June 8th 2012

You Make Me Click II

- in which one enjoys an ill-conceived puzzle


This type of puzzle isn't my favourite, but I tend to learn things when I program them. Serious thanks go out to my boy, Stewart R., for giving me the hook up on a sweet bit of code that allowed me to cut out a big chunk of unnecessary typing and start programming each tile as its own object. This will make reusing the code easier and allow me more freedom in playing around with the puzzle mechanic. When I did the first one I said I ultimately wanted to do more interesting things with this mechanic and I still plan to. Unfortunately, I must learn to crawl, first.

I'd also like to mention that the photograph that I used for today's puzzle came from http://freerangestock.com. Thanks to photographer Chance Agrella for making such a wonderful photo open source. The subtle changes of colour in those hot hoss's makes for an interesting puzzle experience and makes my stomach ache for that creamy avocado goodness. If you'd like to see the image I used for the puzzle, which is a cropped version of the original photo that can be found at freerangestock.com, click the button below.

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