June 6th 2012

Mystery Grid I

- in which one gets no hints as to the theme and the answers


Hooray for grids. Hooray for grid diversity!

I have mentioned before that I have exorbitant amounts of grid material stockpiled and that they shall be made available to the (adoring?) public at intervals of time that I randomly decide to be fitting. This puzzle was not part of that ice box's contents. I am well pleased that I was able to produce a grid in the normal course of a week's development; I was scared that the grids took a little too much time to construct. Only having to make sixteen tiles was a big help, but having the right theme and a large sample size to pull from is the real necessity for a speedy inception.

So enjoy your fresh grid, without the imperceptible freezer burn of sand bagged material. I'll see you next time.

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