February 17th 2012


- in which an acronym/initialism is not very amusing


This is a cute little game I came up with while considering the fun one might have with the english language. When chatting with myself I would refer to it as 'Noun Verb Adjective' so that I would know which game I was talking about if it came up in the conversation. So if you happen across me sitting alone in the corner of some hip, little sushi joint and you hear me mumble something about parts of speech, you can assume this is what I'm discussing with me. Also, eavesdropping is rude and you're a rude person for doing it.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I'll probably revisit it in the future. While thinking up homographs and/or homophones I got the impression that making the puzzle may be more fun than solving them. And more difficult too. Because of that, I tried to make the clues a little devilish. I apologize if I went overboard. I promise that each answer is a very common word.

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