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February 13th 2012

The Exception

- in which a gag is allowed to run, just this once


I love a good running gag. The ability to bolster humour with cleverness appeals to me because I have a long history of falling a few leagues short of funny. As with any decent running gag you try and keep the plane aloft for as long as possible regardless of whether or not humour had the chance to board. In today's puzzle, humour was left behind in the terminal, throwing its baggage at the jetway door in frustration as security closes in for the tase.

There is a subject that I need to address: the element of trivia. The material prodcued on this site will very often have a trivial nature to it and there is the continuous worry that producing themed material will ostracize certain audiences whie catering to others. In fact, if you're not into video games and/or soul/funk super groups you probably haven't enjoyed the puzzles offered thus far.

I'm just going to come out and say it: research isn't cheating. When trivia is involved it dosn't matter how organically you came across the source material. However you find the means to solve the puzzle should be between you and your ego. With that, I'd like to direct you all to a page that contains everything you need to identify 19 of the 20 references. That last one is an obvious pun of a very popular lyric and is represented in the answers by inverted colours.

So please don't complain when the trivia dice do not roll in your favour. Instead, feel free to request subject matter that aligns with your interests; I inhale all forms of media.

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