February 11th 2012

Gamer Grid I

- in which new material isn't all that new


About a year ago I made a six by six grid of video game themed tiles. I handed it out to a few friends to sample and one thing led to another and it ended up on several different internets. I followed it on Reddit, 4chan and Kotaku and was admittedly aglow at the reception. My wife, however, did not appreciate the zero intake on the transaction. She is the one that wins bread in this family unit and doesn't like that I was giving it up for free. No more need be said on the subject.

The back story to the back story is that the leaked grid was part of a set of puzzles I was compiling in the hope of producing an app. Somewhere along the way the idea got slightly more grand (grander? That doesn't seem right...) and I turned a shoddy grasp of photoshop into a shoddy grasp of photoshop, HTML, CSS and javascript. Armed with these tools and the shameless intent of ghosting the standard webcomic format, I set about chiseling out my own derivative niche. And here we are, hammer and chisel in hand.

If you happened to catch the leaked grid, or were paying attention in the first paragraph, you will have noticed that the first iteration was a six by six grid consisting of (surprise) thirty-six tiles while today's offering is a tawdry four by four (some maths required). While the reason for truncation is strictly for style purposes, I will most likely enjoy not burning through material at such a fast pace. In fact, I'd probably be a pretty dependable prophet if I predicted that a four by four grid presents itself as more of a feastday offering in the future. That said, I will tease that you have more than just twenty other game themed tiles to look forward to. As of this post I have three prepared six by six GamerGrids waiting in figurative bags of sand. Today you enjoy sixteen of these one hundred and eight tiles completely sand free.

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